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 It's almost tradition for me: Dewey's Readathon - and the accompanying scheduling issues.

A Readathon? What's that?

The rules: read as much as you can in 24 hours. Can be audiobooks, graphic novels, fan fic, regular novels in both ebook or regular format. Check in on a social medium of your choice: there is a group on Fb, GR, and a lively convo on Twitter to squee. That's it. 

Scheduling Issues
Every year I try to keep my calender clear for that day, and ususally it's a struggle. This year, the People's Climate March in on Saturday afternoon. And every year, I try to come up with solutions. 

Tentative Plan
I will of course join the Climate March in Amsterdam. I will bring an audiobook to listen to on the train back home. I will likely try to read the rest of the night at home. I put out a call on Fb to see if anyone is interested in joining me to Read in Public Sunday from noon onwards. 

Tentative Reading List
  • I have my eye on Het Derde Huwelijk (The Third Marriage) by Tom Lanoye as the audiobook. 
  • DH got me De Tas van de Leraar (I think it's translated as The Briefcase?) by Hiromi Kawakami, which I really look forward to reading.
  • I just started The Moor's Account by Laila Lalami. I might have finished that by April 29th though. 
The rest remains to be determined.

Anyone else participating?


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