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I tuned in late this year. There was a climate march to attend, after all. So I started reading at 5 PM yesterday. I read mostly Dutch this round, two translations and one work originally in Dutch. 
Stack of books read on April 2017 readathon
  1. Readathon April 2017 Stack 102 pages of A.B. Yehushua, Vriendschappelijk Vuur/Friendly Fire: a duet (in Dutch translation)
  2. Elizabeth Strout, Ik heet Lucy Barton (Dutch translation of My name is Lucy Barton)
  3. Hiromi Kawakami, De tas van de leraar (Dutch translation of Sensei no kaban)
  4. Kees van Beijnum, De offers (original Dutch work)
  5. 172 pages of Peter Ackroyd, The fall of Troy 
Not a bad showing, all in all. 
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 It's almost tradition for me: Dewey's Readathon - and the accompanying scheduling issues.

A Readathon? What's that?

The rules: read as much as you can in 24 hours. Can be audiobooks, graphic novels, fan fic, regular novels in both ebook or regular format. Check in on a social medium of your choice: there is a group on Fb, GR, and a lively convo on Twitter to squee. That's it. 

Scheduling Issues
Every year I try to keep my calender clear for that day, and ususally it's a struggle. This year, the People's Climate March in on Saturday afternoon. And every year, I try to come up with solutions. 

Tentative Plan
I will of course join the Climate March in Amsterdam. I will bring an audiobook to listen to on the train back home. I will likely try to read the rest of the night at home. I put out a call on Fb to see if anyone is interested in joining me to Read in Public Sunday from noon onwards. 

Tentative Reading List
  • I have my eye on Het Derde Huwelijk (The Third Marriage) by Tom Lanoye as the audiobook. 
  • DH got me De Tas van de Leraar (I think it's translated as The Briefcase?) by Hiromi Kawakami, which I really look forward to reading.
  • I just started The Moor's Account by Laila Lalami. I might have finished that by April 29th though. 
The rest remains to be determined.

Anyone else participating?


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