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On tumblr, I posted an untagged one-line post  "I don't think Girlboss is for me." I feel I should elaborate.

Let's get this out of the way. I watched the first two episodes out of loyalty to Dylan O'Brien. Yes, really. So if the show gets really good after episode 2, feel free not to tell me.

Okay, so here were my expectations: it would give me a smile, maybe a chuckle or two. 

It didn't. Instead, I was supposed to root for a white rich man's daughter who steals material from small businesses. Because she's 27 and doesn't know what to do with her life, except not grow up. I discovered I have one storytelling thing I hate. Characters that refuse adulthood because it's "not fun". 

Now, I'd accept that if it were a comment on how Hollywood, and society at large, fail to provide women with adequate models for their life after age 35. But it wasn't that. This character is just came across as entitled and spoiled. And rude. 

None of it was fun. So I quit.
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A bunch of brainiacs solving crime - I think that's DH's catnip. So when he was sick, I put on Scorpion for him. He mainlined it, and now we're watching s2. Apart from the episode arc, which hinges on solving the Monster/Problem of the Week, there is also a season arc, that is the relationship between the members of the team. It's clear that Walter O'Brien and Paige Dineen have romantic feelings for each other that they're not expressing yet. Sylvester has confessed his feelings for Walter's  sister, and that relationship is quietly developing. The third relationship is that between Happy Quin, the mechanic, and Toby Curtis. That is, Toby has unrequited feelings for Happy. I think we're supposed to root for them to get together, but Toby's behaviour is defintely creeping towards (sexual) harrassment. 

Last night, DH kinda ranted he should cut that shit out, because it's not.okay.

I nodded in agreement and thought to myself: "welcome to watching media my way. Feminist critiques while at the same time trying to just enjoy it. 


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