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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale & Scott McCall
Background: pre Derek Hale/Braeden, pre Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Word Count: 1046

The one where Derek ships Ichabbie

Stiles doesn’t watch police procedurals on principle, Lydia and Kira only care for period drama if there’s ballgowns and romance, Erica and Boyd declare that supernatural stuff on tv just annoys them these days, Malia doesn’t really get tv shows yet. Which makes the Sleepy Hollow marathon something that Derek and Scott do together with the two of them. They’ve planned it so that they can watch the first season finale on Sunday afternoon and Scott can still make it to family dinner afterwards.

“I can’t believe they did that!” Derek yells at the innocent laptop screen. “Can you believe that?” Scott shrugs. “They had a perfectly good badass woman carrying the show and they swap her for the white girl.”

“You’re just grumpy Ichabod and Katrina are back together.” Derek takes a deep breath, clearly about to go on another rant. “It’s okay, I get it,” Scott says. “It feels personal to you. You are clearly Ichabod, and the parallels between Abbie and Braeden are so screamingly obvious it seems almost on purpose.” Derek deflates, not entirely sure what to make of Scott’s observation. “And look at Braeden: a beautiful woman, a competent one at that, clearly not in need of being rescued by you. If anything, it was the reverse.”

“Though I’m not exactly a revolutionary soldier.”

Scott looks at him flatly. “Well excuse me, but I brought my laptop so we could watch this show.”

“You like the show,” Derek says gruffly.

“Every now and again it’s relaxing to have other people deal with the demons for a change,” Scott grins. “Given our lives, this stuff feels like a documentary sometimes. Demons, possession, creepies from other timezones: been there, done that.”

“Got the video,” Derek reflexively supplies.

“Anyway, I’m just saying, you seem a man out of time some days.”

“Just because I like books…” Derek starts.

“Books are fine. It’s very much your thing and that’s fine. You are just very picky about which part of modern life you accept.” Derek looks like he wants to argue the statement, but Scott continues. “Which is a good thing. I mean, I like Call of Duty as much as the next guy, but it’s not for everyone. Possibly nothing is for everything. I’m just saying, you clearly identify with Ichabod. Which is fine, he’s a white guy, he was made for you to identify with.”

“I just can’t believe they relegated Abbie to Purgatory to release Katrina in her stead.”

“Sacrificing a black woman to release a white one, unheard of,” Scott says sarcastically. Derek crosses his arms and looks at Scott defensively. “What? You know I’m right. Anyway, all I’m saying is, if you and Braeden ever start dating for real, you have your coordinated Halloween costumes sorted.”

“I don’t think she feels about Ichabod that way.”

“Boy, do you ever need a tumblr account. We need more romance for black women that doesn’t bring them down. Their chemistry is amazing, he treats her right - or at least he tries. You treat Braeden like a person, which is important. Like someone to cherish. Ichabod does that to Abbie too. It’s the trust between them, how they rely on each other that makes the show run.” Scott is relieved to see Derek’s hands unclench. “And I think there’s parallels between you and Braeden there too. You trusted her to help you protect yourself. You had sex with her, perhaps a little sooner than you wanted to?” Scott looks at Derek expectantly to see how he’ll respond.

“It’s something I could do for her.” Derek says softly. “Give her pleasure.”

Scotts looks softens: “You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that you can still associate sex with pleasure. But you withdrew a bit after that, I guess? Since she’s not around anymore?”

“I told her to go on without me.”

“And she did?”

“She did.”

“Do you miss her?”

Derek goes quiet again, weighing his words with extra care. “I think we missed our window,” he eventually says. “She moved on. It’s fine.”

“And when she comes back?”

If she comes back, I’ll deal with it. We’re fine. We didn’t have a dramatic break-up or anything. She’s not even really an ex.”

“So you’re mourning a lost opportunity?”

“I guess?” Derek exhales slowly. “It’s fine though.”

“It doesn’t have to end like this, though,” Scott says, the eternal optimist. “Abbie might not stay in Purgatory forever and you might get a second shot with Braeden. I do think we’re not watching the final season of Sleepy Hollow though. If this annoyed you, then that ending will really piss you off.”

Derek grins slyly: “Oh I know it will. I read the reviews online.”

“You what?” Scott grabs a pillow from the couch and whacks Derek with it. “You cheated! You checked the spoilers!”

Derek ducks, and dramatically rolls off the couch, grabbing a pillow. He throws it at Scott, who dodges it with ease. “Of course I checked the ending,” Derek throws another pillow, “I am very careful which parts of modernity I embrace.”

Scott laughs while accepting the hit: “Should have seen that one coming.” Derek hides behind the couch, clearly waiting for another throw, but Scott just plumps it up and puts it back in its place. “You can come out now,” he says, “I declare spoiler checking amnesty. Alpha’s privilege.”

Derek gets up, pulling his shirt straight, “I’m not sure that’s how alpha privileges work.”

“I’m sure it’s in the by-laws somewhere. If not, I’m just going to ex cathedra it. I’m a true alpha, you have no idea what I can do.”

“You have no idea what you can do.”

“True. Which is where you come in, as the resident pack historian. And if we’re lucky, you’ll bring us another human badass investigator.”

“We already have one, I thought?”

“Stiles? Sure. But really, we can’t have too many in this place.”

Derek sits back down next to Scott. “If I ask out Braeden if she comes back, you know, properly. Will you ask out Stiles properly?”

Scott freezes: “what do you mean?”

“Well, if I’m ‘clearly’ still hung up on Braeden, then you’re clearly hung up on Stiles. So: I do my bit, you do yours. Deal?”


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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Chris Argent & Noah Stilinski
Rating: gen
Word count: 1311

The fic idea that has been bouncing around in my head since I realised that both Chris and Noah had lost their wives. So maybe Noah had some pointer on dealing with that?

Five times Chris Argent and Noah Stilinski bonded online and one they did it IRL

After the funeral, Noah presses a small business card in Chris’ hand. Chris turns it over, but it only has a url. Noah looks a bit uncomfortable: “Look, I’m not going to tell you to talk about it, but you’re not the first person to lose their partner. So if you’re looking to talk to someone who understands, there’s a forum.”

“Thanks sheriff,” Chris says, and tucks the card away into the pocket of his jacket.

“Call me Noah,” he says.


1: Claudia’s birthday

Almost_jason_bourne signed on

JohnnyCage signed on

JohnnyCage: today would’ve been her birthday. Went to her grave with Kiddo. When we were there, I realised he’d been without her as long as he’d been with her

JohnnyCage: but hey, I didn’t drink, so there’s that

Almost_jason_bourne: that is still years ahead for me. Must be a weird notion.

JohnnyCage: apart from kiddo, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. But every year that passes, as kiddo grows up, it’s like the rest of my life just keeps going on.

JohnnyCage: today I had the realisation that I might be taking grandkids to the grave one day

Almost_jason_bourne: I’m not sure if that’s awesome or depressing

JohnnyCage: bit of both, really.

JohnnyCage: though kiddo suggests I could start dating again

Almost_jason_bourne: do you want to?

JohnnyCage: in theory? Maybe. In practice: haven’t really met anyone interesting, I guess.

Almost_jason_bourne: there’s no timeline for these things, you know

JohnnyCage: thanks for throwing my words back at me

Almost_jason_bourne: any time :)

When Chris logs off from the chat, he feels a little lighter. He empties his coffee and wonders if he could arrange to meet JohnnyCage in real life. He could perhaps drop a hint when he goes on another business trip.


2: when Noah almost figured out his son’s sexuality

Almost_jason_bourne signed on

JohnnyCage signed on

Almost_jason_bourne: Did you finally catch the new Bond?

JohnnyCage: Yes, kid and I went yesterday

JohnnyCage: M’s death hurt. Kiddo cried I think, it was like Bond lost his mother.

Almost_jason_bourne: la generalissima was really smitten with this incarnation of Eve

JohnnyCage: Kiddo is smitten with the new Q. Not sure if he wants to be him or do him, you know.

Almost_jason_bourne: Is it time for the “you know you can tell me anything?”

JohnnyCage: We’ve had that conversation. Or at least, I tried

JohnnyCage: He says he’s not gay -and I believe him

JohnnyCage: he’s had a crush on a girl for years

JohnnyCage: and even if he didn’t, his best friend couldn’t keep his mouth shut if he tried

Almost_jason_bourne: He could be bisexual?

JohnnyCage: That would

JohnnyCage: that would explain

JohnnyCage: so much

JohnnyCage: definitely time for the “you can tell me anything” speech

Almost_jason_bourne: you’re welcome. Whatever you say, it’s going to be better than what my parents said.

JohnnyCage: i’m sorry to hear that.

Almost_jason_bourne: it’s a long time. Finding the wife kinda helped.

JohnnyCage: anything i should avoid?

Almost_jason_bourne: “it’s just a phase”

Almost_jason_bourne: “don’t think you can bring a man into this house”

Almost_jason_bourne: don’t force his hand, he might be in the process of figuring it out himself. Oh and fair warning

JohnnyCage: oh god

Almost_jason_bourne: crushes on close same-sex friends are pretty much a par on course, and a source of of teenage angsting

JohnnyCage: now i’m wondering if they’ve ever shared a bed since puberty kicked in

Almost_jason_bourne: ah, you know which one it is

JohnnyCage: pretty much. Well, there might be another one.

JohnnyCage: there’s no way i can un-think any of that, right?

Almost_jason_bourne: if he wants to talk to someone who’s been there, i’m here.


3: When Allison started dating again

Almost_jason_bourne online

JohnnyCage  is signing on

JohnnyCage: how was dinner?

Almost_jason_bourne: awkward anyway

Almost_jason_bourne: She had wanted to take her boyfriend.

JohnnyCage: That’s no fun. Did you manage to salvage anything?

Almost_jason_bourne: Eventually.

Almost_jason_bourne: I pulled the “I’m only doing this because I love you” card

JohnnyCage: Does that still work on her?

Almost_jason_bourne: sort of

Almost_jason_bourne: she’s doing her homework

JohnnyCage: you’re doing better than me.

JohnnyCage: Is he allowed in your house?

Almost_jason_bourne: they’re doing homework together right now. No sleepovers

JohnnyCage: what do his parents think of the dating situation

Almost_jason_bourne: not in the picture

JohnnyCage: ?

Almost_jason_bourne: orphan.

Almost_jason_bourne: I just want her to be safe, and she keeps throwing herself into danger

JohnnyCage: I know that feeling

JohnnyCage: my friend tells me ‘keeping her safe’ is not what you’re supposed to be doing though

JohnnyCage: you’re supposed to give them what they need to deal with whatever life throws at them

Almost_jason_bourne: I’ll keep trying to remember that

Almost_jason_bourne: but she’s so young

JohnnyCage: gotta go, duty calls

Almost_jason_bourne: at this hour?

JohnnyCage: crime never sleeps

JohnnyCage signed off

Almost_jason_bourne: are you

Almost_jason_bourne signed off


4: When Allison and Stiles graduated

Almost_jason_bourne: la generalissima is graduating in a few weeks

JohnnyCage: Congrats! (she is the in the same year as kiddo, I remember)

JohnnyCage: how do you feel about it?

Almost_jason_bourne: mixed, tbh

JohnnyCage: thb?

Almost_jason_bourne: To Be Honest

JohnnyCage: right

Almost_jason_bourne: the Mrs was great at these events. I’m pretty sure la generalissma really misses her too now - it’s as if she’s extra not here.

Noah stops himself from typing to allow Almost_jason_bourne some time to write out what he feels.

Almost_jason_bourne: we moved around a lot, so la generalissma eventually got held back a year. I was worried she’d stop caring about school, but that hasn’t happened. I’m even weirded out that she hasn’t.

JohnnyCage: does she have a group of friends that care about academics?

Almost_jason_bourne: now that I think of it: her best friend is a certified genius, her boyfriends works both try to put in the work. So yes, I think so.

JohnnyCage: sometimes peer pressure helps, I suppose

JohnnyCage: if the norm is working hard, that’s what they’ll do

Almost_jason_bourne: oh, you’re not going to tell me it’s my own fault for burying myself in work?

JohnnyCage: you have a therapist for that, I’m sure

Almost_jason_bourne: my therapist doesn’t tell me these things!

JohnnyCage: maybe you need a better therapist :)

JohnnyCage: did I do the face thing right?


5: When the house got too quiet

Almost_jason_bourne online

JohnnyCage is signing on

Almost_jason_bourne: hey, you’re back!

JohnnyCage: yes - kiddo has successfully moved to college. How was your weekend?

Almost_jason_bourne: same - moving la generalissima to her new campus and trying not to cry that she’s too young to be out there on her own

JohnnyCage: maybe we’re too old to be out here on our own?

Almost_jason_bourne: speak for yourself. I can cook my own meals!

JohnnyCage: right for the jugular

Almost_jason_bourne: anyway, so I’m playing an old record V used to love and tell her that we did good.

JohnnyCage: I’m taking a drink tonight and pour one out for her

Almost_jason_bourne: that’s quite pagan :)

JohnnyCage: we have Polish roots, which means there’s pagan elements buried everywhere

JohnnyCage: pun not intended

Almost_jason_bourne: hey, I’ve noticed we’re online in the same timeframe a lot, even with your working hours. Do you think maybe we should meet irl some time?


Chris sits down in the coffeeshop where he had agreed to meet his online friend. He stirs his coffee aimlessly. The doorbell jingles and he sees the sheriff coming in. The sheriff surveys the crowd, and his eyes settle on Chris. For a moment, Chris fears that he’s coming to bring bad news, but he’s in civilian clothes and he doesn’t look troubled. That’s when he realises and his face breaks in a smile. As the corners of his mouth start curving he sees realisation dawn on the sheriff’s face as well. Chris gets up to greet him.

“Noah, good to see you,” he says, trying to shake hands, but the sheriff is not having it and hugs him instead.


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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Main pairing: Derek Hale/Lydia Martin
Background pairing: Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Wordcount: 901
Additional tags: getting together, outsider pov, fluff, seven days seven stories

I Can't Believe You Didn't Tell Me
Scott is doing the last bit of clean-up in the living room so that they can have pack night. They don’t have it as often as they did in college, and Scott takes up hosting only about half the time, the rest of the pack takes turns. He smells Stiles’ excitement before he hears it.
“Scottie,” Stiles yells from the kitchen, “Derek is holding open the car door for someone - did you know Derek was bringing someone? Is that…? Derek and Lydia are holding hands!”
“Took them long enough!” Scott answers from the living room.
“What do you mean?”
“You didn’t see that coming?” Scott says. “Well good for you on being over that, then.”
“Good for you, you mean,” Stiles grins. “Wait, you knew?”
“I suspected.”
“When did that happen?”
“The first inkling was about six months ago.”
The pack meeting is winding down, as the betas start saying their goodbyes before heading to their homes. Lydia opens her backpack and turns to Derek.
“So, I’m working on this text,” she opens, and Scott is surprised to have her scent spike with anxiety, “and I need a second pair of eyes on them. You do translations, right?”
Derek leans in, to look over the text. “French. Seventeenth century?” he estimates.
“Which is why I’m asking you.”
“It’s not my specialisation, but I will happily see what I can do, and maybe put you in touch with someone who knows more?”
“Excellent. Can I come by tomorrow afternoon?”
Derek smiles, “sure. I’ll probably be doing nothing more exciting than the crossword.”
They smile at each other slightly wider than the promise of seventeenth century French text warrants, Scott thinks to himself, but then tells himself that he is neither a mathematical historian nor a linguistic specialist. Possibly they’re just happy someone sees the value in their respective pursuits. 
“Really? She had him help her with her homework?” Stiles yelps. “If I’d known that works I would have been so much more successful at dating years ago!”
“Second hint was a little later. Do you remember when we went to see Black Panther for the second time?”
“Of course.”
“So, I kinda ran into Derek there.”
Scott is at the cinema to pick up their tickets. He’s old fashioned that way, he likes having the physical tickets on hand beforehand, and scrapbooking them afterwards. He looks up when he smells a familiar scent. Derek is on the phone looking up at the listings. 
“Nine sounds doable. We could have dinner beforehand?” Scott smiles a little, it’s been long since Derek looked so hopeful. “No, I’ll book us a table, you focus on writing, I will provide the rewards.” Scott tries to figure out who Derek is talking to without hearing the voice. Lydia is at Berkeley working on her PhD in mathematics, and that’s the only person Scott knows to be writing anything. Lydia and Derek? “Okay, I’ll see you Friday, now write. Bye!” Derek hangs up. “Hey Scott,” he says, “picking up tickets too?”
“Yup, we’re seeing Black Panther.”
“Oh nice.” Derek tries to sound enthusiastic about a superhero movie.
“Not really your speed, I know. What are you seeing?”
“There’s an open air screening of an Italian movie next week. I’m making sure we have tickets.”
“Romantic,” Scott comments. “Who’s the lucky one?”
“I am,” Derek says with a shy smile. “It’s kind of new, we’re still figuring it out. We both have... histories. We’re taking it slow.”
Scott nods in understanding, and moves over to hug Derek, scent marking him. “You’re a good guy, Derek. Anyone should be lucky to have you.”
Stiles walks in the living room, gesticulating with emotion. “You knew Derek and Lydia were dating, and you didn’t tell me?”
“I didn’t know for sure. I figured they’d tell us when they were ready.”
“Six months, Scott!”
“I know. As I said, long time coming. I think they got together about two weeks ago.”
Scott goes for an early grocery run on Saturday morning while Stiles is still at the Sheriff’s station. He doesn’t sleep well when Stiles has the night shift anyway. He is surprised to see Derek there, who clearly has not been sleeping much over the night, but smells delighted anyway. Scott walks up to him, and spots blueberries and fresh milk in his cart.
“Good night or good morning?” Scott asks. For once in his life, Scott has managed to startle Derek. He should probably scrapbook that event. 
Derek recovers quickly: “both.”
Scott smiles, and nods at the cart, “I think that’s a safe bet. I won’t keep you. Have fun.” He spots a strawberry blonde hair on Derek’s shirt and carefully says nothing about it. “I’m going to find the spinach. Stiles has had the night shift, which means I have to feed him vegetables today.”
“You do that.” 
Derek seems unwilling to hug for once, probably still high on the scent of his lover, and Scott does not want to spoil a good thing for his beta. They nod and go their separate ways. 
The doorbell rings, and Stiles goes to open. Scott listens in from the living room, idly tugging at the corner of the table cloth.
“I can’t believe Scottie knew before I did. Congratulations, you traitors, I hope you make each other really happy.” There's a rustle of clothing that likely means Stiles is hugging them both. 


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