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Fandom: Teen Wolf
Main pairing: Derek Hale/Lydia Martin
Background pairing: Scott McCall/Stiles Stilinski
Wordcount: 901
Additional tags: getting together, outsider pov, fluff, seven days seven stories

I Can't Believe You Didn't Tell Me
Scott is doing the last bit of clean-up in the living room so that they can have pack night. They don’t have it as often as they did in college, and Scott takes up hosting only about half the time, the rest of the pack takes turns. He smells Stiles’ excitement before he hears it.
“Scottie,” Stiles yells from the kitchen, “Derek is holding open the car door for someone - did you know Derek was bringing someone? Is that…? Derek and Lydia are holding hands!”
“Took them long enough!” Scott answers from the living room.
“What do you mean?”
“You didn’t see that coming?” Scott says. “Well good for you on being over that, then.”
“Good for you, you mean,” Stiles grins. “Wait, you knew?”
“I suspected.”
“When did that happen?”
“The first inkling was about six months ago.”
The pack meeting is winding down, as the betas start saying their goodbyes before heading to their homes. Lydia opens her backpack and turns to Derek.
“So, I’m working on this text,” she opens, and Scott is surprised to have her scent spike with anxiety, “and I need a second pair of eyes on them. You do translations, right?”
Derek leans in, to look over the text. “French. Seventeenth century?” he estimates.
“Which is why I’m asking you.”
“It’s not my specialisation, but I will happily see what I can do, and maybe put you in touch with someone who knows more?”
“Excellent. Can I come by tomorrow afternoon?”
Derek smiles, “sure. I’ll probably be doing nothing more exciting than the crossword.”
They smile at each other slightly wider than the promise of seventeenth century French text warrants, Scott thinks to himself, but then tells himself that he is neither a mathematical historian nor a linguistic specialist. Possibly they’re just happy someone sees the value in their respective pursuits. 
“Really? She had him help her with her homework?” Stiles yelps. “If I’d known that works I would have been so much more successful at dating years ago!”
“Second hint was a little later. Do you remember when we went to see Black Panther for the second time?”
“Of course.”
“So, I kinda ran into Derek there.”
Scott is at the cinema to pick up their tickets. He’s old fashioned that way, he likes having the physical tickets on hand beforehand, and scrapbooking them afterwards. He looks up when he smells a familiar scent. Derek is on the phone looking up at the listings. 
“Nine sounds doable. We could have dinner beforehand?” Scott smiles a little, it’s been long since Derek looked so hopeful. “No, I’ll book us a table, you focus on writing, I will provide the rewards.” Scott tries to figure out who Derek is talking to without hearing the voice. Lydia is at Berkeley working on her PhD in mathematics, and that’s the only person Scott knows to be writing anything. Lydia and Derek? “Okay, I’ll see you Friday, now write. Bye!” Derek hangs up. “Hey Scott,” he says, “picking up tickets too?”
“Yup, we’re seeing Black Panther.”
“Oh nice.” Derek tries to sound enthusiastic about a superhero movie.
“Not really your speed, I know. What are you seeing?”
“There’s an open air screening of an Italian movie next week. I’m making sure we have tickets.”
“Romantic,” Scott comments. “Who’s the lucky one?”
“I am,” Derek says with a shy smile. “It’s kind of new, we’re still figuring it out. We both have... histories. We’re taking it slow.”
Scott nods in understanding, and moves over to hug Derek, scent marking him. “You’re a good guy, Derek. Anyone should be lucky to have you.”
Stiles walks in the living room, gesticulating with emotion. “You knew Derek and Lydia were dating, and you didn’t tell me?”
“I didn’t know for sure. I figured they’d tell us when they were ready.”
“Six months, Scott!”
“I know. As I said, long time coming. I think they got together about two weeks ago.”
Scott goes for an early grocery run on Saturday morning while Stiles is still at the Sheriff’s station. He doesn’t sleep well when Stiles has the night shift anyway. He is surprised to see Derek there, who clearly has not been sleeping much over the night, but smells delighted anyway. Scott walks up to him, and spots blueberries and fresh milk in his cart.
“Good night or good morning?” Scott asks. For once in his life, Scott has managed to startle Derek. He should probably scrapbook that event. 
Derek recovers quickly: “both.”
Scott smiles, and nods at the cart, “I think that’s a safe bet. I won’t keep you. Have fun.” He spots a strawberry blonde hair on Derek’s shirt and carefully says nothing about it. “I’m going to find the spinach. Stiles has had the night shift, which means I have to feed him vegetables today.”
“You do that.” 
Derek seems unwilling to hug for once, probably still high on the scent of his lover, and Scott does not want to spoil a good thing for his beta. They nod and go their separate ways. 
The doorbell rings, and Stiles goes to open. Scott listens in from the living room, idly tugging at the corner of the table cloth.
“I can’t believe Scottie knew before I did. Congratulations, you traitors, I hope you make each other really happy.” There's a rustle of clothing that likely means Stiles is hugging them both. 


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