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Five times Chris Argent and Noah Stilinski bonded online and one they did it IRL

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Chris Argent & Noah Stilinski
Rating: gen
Word count: 1311

The fic idea that has been bouncing around in my head since I realised that both Chris and Noah had lost their wives. So maybe Noah had some pointer on dealing with that?

Five times Chris Argent and Noah Stilinski bonded online and one they did it IRL

After the funeral, Noah presses a small business card in Chris’ hand. Chris turns it over, but it only has a url. Noah looks a bit uncomfortable: “Look, I’m not going to tell you to talk about it, but you’re not the first person to lose their partner. So if you’re looking to talk to someone who understands, there’s a forum.”

“Thanks sheriff,” Chris says, and tucks the card away into the pocket of his jacket.

“Call me Noah,” he says.


1: Claudia’s birthday

Almost_jason_bourne signed on

JohnnyCage signed on

JohnnyCage: today would’ve been her birthday. Went to her grave with Kiddo. When we were there, I realised he’d been without her as long as he’d been with her

JohnnyCage: but hey, I didn’t drink, so there’s that

Almost_jason_bourne: that is still years ahead for me. Must be a weird notion.

JohnnyCage: apart from kiddo, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. But every year that passes, as kiddo grows up, it’s like the rest of my life just keeps going on.

JohnnyCage: today I had the realisation that I might be taking grandkids to the grave one day

Almost_jason_bourne: I’m not sure if that’s awesome or depressing

JohnnyCage: bit of both, really.

JohnnyCage: though kiddo suggests I could start dating again

Almost_jason_bourne: do you want to?

JohnnyCage: in theory? Maybe. In practice: haven’t really met anyone interesting, I guess.

Almost_jason_bourne: there’s no timeline for these things, you know

JohnnyCage: thanks for throwing my words back at me

Almost_jason_bourne: any time :)

When Chris logs off from the chat, he feels a little lighter. He empties his coffee and wonders if he could arrange to meet JohnnyCage in real life. He could perhaps drop a hint when he goes on another business trip.


2: when Noah almost figured out his son’s sexuality

Almost_jason_bourne signed on

JohnnyCage signed on

Almost_jason_bourne: Did you finally catch the new Bond?

JohnnyCage: Yes, kid and I went yesterday

JohnnyCage: M’s death hurt. Kiddo cried I think, it was like Bond lost his mother.

Almost_jason_bourne: la generalissima was really smitten with this incarnation of Eve

JohnnyCage: Kiddo is smitten with the new Q. Not sure if he wants to be him or do him, you know.

Almost_jason_bourne: Is it time for the “you know you can tell me anything?”

JohnnyCage: We’ve had that conversation. Or at least, I tried

JohnnyCage: He says he’s not gay -and I believe him

JohnnyCage: he’s had a crush on a girl for years

JohnnyCage: and even if he didn’t, his best friend couldn’t keep his mouth shut if he tried

Almost_jason_bourne: He could be bisexual?

JohnnyCage: That would

JohnnyCage: that would explain

JohnnyCage: so much

JohnnyCage: definitely time for the “you can tell me anything” speech

Almost_jason_bourne: you’re welcome. Whatever you say, it’s going to be better than what my parents said.

JohnnyCage: i’m sorry to hear that.

Almost_jason_bourne: it’s a long time. Finding the wife kinda helped.

JohnnyCage: anything i should avoid?

Almost_jason_bourne: “it’s just a phase”

Almost_jason_bourne: “don’t think you can bring a man into this house”

Almost_jason_bourne: don’t force his hand, he might be in the process of figuring it out himself. Oh and fair warning

JohnnyCage: oh god

Almost_jason_bourne: crushes on close same-sex friends are pretty much a par on course, and a source of of teenage angsting

JohnnyCage: now i’m wondering if they’ve ever shared a bed since puberty kicked in

Almost_jason_bourne: ah, you know which one it is

JohnnyCage: pretty much. Well, there might be another one.

JohnnyCage: there’s no way i can un-think any of that, right?

Almost_jason_bourne: if he wants to talk to someone who’s been there, i’m here.


3: When Allison started dating again

Almost_jason_bourne online

JohnnyCage  is signing on

JohnnyCage: how was dinner?

Almost_jason_bourne: awkward anyway

Almost_jason_bourne: She had wanted to take her boyfriend.

JohnnyCage: That’s no fun. Did you manage to salvage anything?

Almost_jason_bourne: Eventually.

Almost_jason_bourne: I pulled the “I’m only doing this because I love you” card

JohnnyCage: Does that still work on her?

Almost_jason_bourne: sort of

Almost_jason_bourne: she’s doing her homework

JohnnyCage: you’re doing better than me.

JohnnyCage: Is he allowed in your house?

Almost_jason_bourne: they’re doing homework together right now. No sleepovers

JohnnyCage: what do his parents think of the dating situation

Almost_jason_bourne: not in the picture

JohnnyCage: ?

Almost_jason_bourne: orphan.

Almost_jason_bourne: I just want her to be safe, and she keeps throwing herself into danger

JohnnyCage: I know that feeling

JohnnyCage: my friend tells me ‘keeping her safe’ is not what you’re supposed to be doing though

JohnnyCage: you’re supposed to give them what they need to deal with whatever life throws at them

Almost_jason_bourne: I’ll keep trying to remember that

Almost_jason_bourne: but she’s so young

JohnnyCage: gotta go, duty calls

Almost_jason_bourne: at this hour?

JohnnyCage: crime never sleeps

JohnnyCage signed off

Almost_jason_bourne: are you

Almost_jason_bourne signed off


4: When Allison and Stiles graduated

Almost_jason_bourne: la generalissima is graduating in a few weeks

JohnnyCage: Congrats! (she is the in the same year as kiddo, I remember)

JohnnyCage: how do you feel about it?

Almost_jason_bourne: mixed, tbh

JohnnyCage: thb?

Almost_jason_bourne: To Be Honest

JohnnyCage: right

Almost_jason_bourne: the Mrs was great at these events. I’m pretty sure la generalissma really misses her too now - it’s as if she’s extra not here.

Noah stops himself from typing to allow Almost_jason_bourne some time to write out what he feels.

Almost_jason_bourne: we moved around a lot, so la generalissma eventually got held back a year. I was worried she’d stop caring about school, but that hasn’t happened. I’m even weirded out that she hasn’t.

JohnnyCage: does she have a group of friends that care about academics?

Almost_jason_bourne: now that I think of it: her best friend is a certified genius, her boyfriends works both try to put in the work. So yes, I think so.

JohnnyCage: sometimes peer pressure helps, I suppose

JohnnyCage: if the norm is working hard, that’s what they’ll do

Almost_jason_bourne: oh, you’re not going to tell me it’s my own fault for burying myself in work?

JohnnyCage: you have a therapist for that, I’m sure

Almost_jason_bourne: my therapist doesn’t tell me these things!

JohnnyCage: maybe you need a better therapist :)

JohnnyCage: did I do the face thing right?


5: When the house got too quiet

Almost_jason_bourne online

JohnnyCage is signing on

Almost_jason_bourne: hey, you’re back!

JohnnyCage: yes - kiddo has successfully moved to college. How was your weekend?

Almost_jason_bourne: same - moving la generalissima to her new campus and trying not to cry that she’s too young to be out there on her own

JohnnyCage: maybe we’re too old to be out here on our own?

Almost_jason_bourne: speak for yourself. I can cook my own meals!

JohnnyCage: right for the jugular

Almost_jason_bourne: anyway, so I’m playing an old record V used to love and tell her that we did good.

JohnnyCage: I’m taking a drink tonight and pour one out for her

Almost_jason_bourne: that’s quite pagan :)

JohnnyCage: we have Polish roots, which means there’s pagan elements buried everywhere

JohnnyCage: pun not intended

Almost_jason_bourne: hey, I’ve noticed we’re online in the same timeframe a lot, even with your working hours. Do you think maybe we should meet irl some time?


Chris sits down in the coffeeshop where he had agreed to meet his online friend. He stirs his coffee aimlessly. The doorbell jingles and he sees the sheriff coming in. The sheriff surveys the crowd, and his eyes settle on Chris. For a moment, Chris fears that he’s coming to bring bad news, but he’s in civilian clothes and he doesn’t look troubled. That’s when he realises and his face breaks in a smile. As the corners of his mouth start curving he sees realisation dawn on the sheriff’s face as well. Chris gets up to greet him.

“Noah, good to see you,” he says, trying to shake hands, but the sheriff is not having it and hugs him instead.