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GYWO stats time!

Words written in May: 14686
Percentage of monthly goal: 235%
Words written in 2017:  54987
Percentage of annual goal: 73%

Break-up across projects
  • drabbles at EuroFicWritersRetreat: 326
  • Molly/Sally attempt 1: 236
  • Molly/Sally attempt 2: 909
  • Original Project 2: 8436
  • Original fic for a contest: 4045
  • Keep Going, a sterek ficlet: 734
The Molly/Sally fic is giving me a headache, but I think I now have a starting point that works. I've submitted the contest piece. Original Project 2 seems to be doing well. But now there's an actual paid full-time job at the horizon, I assume there will be less writing time in June and onwards.